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We Are Zebras

About You

  • You are passionate about your business.

  • You don’t live by the book.

  • You understand the value of creativity.

  • You know what you know and what you don’t know.

  • You are bold, you are fabulous, you play air guitar when you succeed.

  • You have great ideas but need help bringing them to life.

Let's Work Together

The Founders


A creative beast, deep thinker and a total right-brainer. Creating art since 1986.

Superpowers: Company Culture Design & HR, Start-Ups, Finance Administration, Business Development, PR, Art Gallery Management, Art Sourcing, Web Design, Creative Content and Interior Design.


Independent thinker, curious, tech head and a total left-brainer. Geeking since the year 2000.

Superpowers: E-commerce, Business Development, Web Development, Trading and Real Estate investment.

Our Charity Work

Tzedakah /tsɛˈdɒka/ (charity) in Hebrew, simply means “justice” or “righteousness” and so to do charity is no optional extra that you do when you have time or money but is an ESSENTIAL part of living and doing business.